Apps and Projects

Recent Projects

  • 8 part blog series on building a web browser from scratch in 100% Rust.
  • AminoGFX-GL: an Javascript hardware accelerated scenegraph for the RaspberryPi. (see this screenshot I made a few years ago).
  • PureImage: a 100% pure Javascript implementation of HTML canvas for use on the server with Node. Supports JPG, PNG, and TTF fonts. Use it for server side image resizing, unit testing, or rendering into gigantic offscreen bitmaps.
  • SideDeck: realtime HTML presentation framework. Try it here.
  • The Ministry of Silly Things, an open source wikipedia for computable data.
  • Brainshell-Parser: parser for a unit based calculator. See it live here.
  • AMX: yet another node process manager.
  • MeowLang, a simple programming language built from the ground up on Ohm. Written for this blog series on how to build your own language in under 200 lines of code.
  • Razzmaster: CLI program to find and configure headless Raspberry Pis on your local network.
  • URLExpander: a super tiny URL expander written in Node + Express.
  • PixelEater: a web-based pixel drawing tool with layers, palettes, zoom, and eyedropper.
  • Pixel Font Metrics Editor:
  • XmasCard 2016: a retro JRPG comedy Christmas card.

Older Projects (mostly dead)

  • FontSlicer: render glyphs from Font-Awesome and other icon fonts as PNGs, with selected color and font size. All client side. Shows off PNG and zip file manipulation in the browser.
  • photonsh: a simple shell implemented in pure JS. See the blog post for details.
  • HexCanvas: draw pixels, turns into hex code for Adafruit LED matrixes.
  • BabyCad Plate: simple tool to position holes in a flat plate, then download an STL for 3D printing.
  • BoxMatic: simple browser CAD app to make a box w/ holes in it for 3D printing. Shows 3D rendering using OpenJSCad. Does 2D rendering with Amino.
  • ANT task to bundle of Java 6 (not Java 7) apps as desktop executables. github project
  • Flying Saucer: Pure Java CSS 2.1 HTML renderer. I haven't worked on it in a while, but there's still a community around it. Good for rendering PDFs. code, Wikipedia Page
  • Leonardo Sketch: a desktop drawing tool. written in java.
  • Arduino X: Java: alternative IDE for Arduino, rewritten from the ground up. github project
  • Electron: Alternative IDE for Arduino, written with Atom Shell. No longer in development. Github repo.
  • Javadocs 2020: an early attempt to reinvent JavaDocs

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Posted August 23rd, 2013