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With over a decade of professional speaking experience, I regularly speak at a number of conferences each year.  Recently I have spoken on Developer Evangelism, React, the Realtime Web, and chatbot development.  If your company or event could benefit from learning about these or other interesting topics, drop me a line.

I am also available to consult on developer relations and SDK design topics.

Josh is the greatest speaker ever

- President Thomas Jefferson


  • Developer Week, NYC, June 2017
  • JazzCon.tech, New Orleans March 22-24 2017. I presented AI Driven Serverless Chatbots  and Realtime Charts and Graphs.
  • Developer Week, San Francisco, Feb 2017. I presented AI Driven Serverless Chatbots in various forms


  • IBM DevCon, San Francisco Nov 9th,I spoke about Chatbots and Beer. 'Cause, why not?!
  • IoT Platform Conf (online) Oct 29th, I presented an introduction to realtime on the web
  • Connect.tech, Atlanta, Oct 21st & 22nd. I presented How to Build a Chat App with Angular and Infopocalypse 2020, a tale of how today's kids really are different, but they will be fine.
  • Stream Conf, San Francisco Sept 28th. I moderated an exciting panel on Realtime Stream Processing vs Big Data Analytics
  • WebRTC Expo: NYC August. I spoke on a panel about realtime web technologies.
  • NodePDX: Portland July. I presented a really fun MMOWAM game: Massively MultiPlayer Online Whack A Mole. See the video.
  • DevRelCon: SF April. I gave a talk I've been dying to present for years: The History of Developer Evangelism. Watch it on YouTube.

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Posted April 2nd, 2017

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