Lego Technic Guide v2

Master Builder, Paweł “Sariel” Kmiec, has written several Lego books, but this one has to be my favorite. I reviewed the first edition of the Lego Technic Builder's Guide nearly four years ago, and I can say I'm very happy with the new second edition update. It keeps everything that made the first edition good: a comprehensive look at Technic Lego pieces while secretly giving you a course in mechanical engineering.  The second edition not only adds more models and diagrams, but also four new chapters on wheels, planetary gearing, 3D printing, and the RC system. Speaking of which, why did Lego discontinue that? I'd love an RC Lego car.

They made a good book better. Thank you No Starch Press!

Buy or no buy? Buy!

Oh, and a bonus pic of the mechanical see-saw I designed using the linkages chapter from the book.

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Posted November 15th, 2016

Tagged: lego bookreview