Beautiful Lego 2: Dark

The follow up to last year’s Beautiful Lego, Mike Doyle brings us back for more of the best Lego models from around the world. This time the theme is Dark. As the book explains it: “destructive objects, like warships and mecha, and dangerous and creepy animals… dark fantasies of dragons and zombies and spooks” I like the concept of a theme as it helps focus the book. The theme of Dark was stretched a bit to include banks and cigarettes, and vocaloids (mechanical japanese pop-stars), but it’s still 300+ gorgeous pages of the world’s best Lego art. Beautiful Lego 2 is filled to the brim with Zerg like insect hordes, a lot of Krakens, and some of the cutest mechs you’ve ever seen.

Unlike the previous book, Beautiful Lego 2 is a hardcover. I guess the first book was popular enough that No Starch Press could really invest in this one, and it shows. It���s a thick book with proper stitching, a dust jacket, and quality paper. The book lays nicely when open like a good library edition would. This is a book that will still look new in a few decades.

Beautiful Lego 2 is a true picture book, and well worth the price for the Lego fan in your family. I know you can get an electronic edition, but this is the sort that lets us know why physical books still exist. BTW. you can get 30% off right now with the coupon code SHADOWS .

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Posted December 13th, 2014

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